Head: Crystal Ball
Torso: ??? (Do not remember)
Arms: Random Corps
Legs: 97 Viper
Cross: Indiana Jones

Name: Rasputin, Grigori
Primary Specialty: Spiritual Leadership
Secondary Specialty: Psychological/Hypnotic Powers
Place of Birth: Dr Mindbender's Lab (Prior to this Siberia In Russia)
DOB: Couple of Months ago by way of January 22nd, 1869

After an evening of failed planning, exacerbated by heavy yelling, and fist banging, Cobra Commander came home and turned on HBO. Settling in with a nice cup of Cobra Cocoa, on his brand new Cobra couch, the former car salesman took in the film "Book of Eli," before brushing his teeth and going to bed.

The following morning the phone in Dr. Mindbender's lab gave off a very unfriendly ring, and explained to the good doctor that Cobra Commander wanted a religious leader ASAP to help him inspire his forces. Furthermore, his idea to lead the Cobra masses via religious means would be much easier than having to ramble on about political oppression, and promises of a better tomorrow.

Of course, since reincarnating a good religious figure would get in the way of his plans for world domination (because of their usual do no evil, peace thing) Cobra Commander wanted to get the original bad boy of the book, and chose Grigori Rasputin.

After a quick trip, and break-in to the museum where Rasputin's wily willy is (or was) stored, it was only a matter of five months before Rasputin was again hypnotizing the ladies and leading the Cobra infantry into battle.

Asked what he thought of his new role by the Cobra Chronicle, Rasputin was curt in replying, "Hey it beats being shot,stabbed, poisoned, and drowned."

Knowing Cobra, that sounds about right.


Anyway, I did this custom about 10 years ago. One of my first fodder lot purchases had 3 crystal ball heads. Crystal Ball's head has a very bad haircut, but super ferocious evil, Rasputin like eyes. Heavy modding was required to create the effect of Rasputin's hair. Though the neck was quite short (there were no real long neck figs in the RAH line that could work for what i wanted, I left him as is.

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