Head and arms: NS Baroness
Chest/back: NS Scarlett
Waist and legs: Bombstrike


While looking at the Sunbow animation featuring Wong, it was only natural to be lured into making customs for Daina and Stormavik. Both of these Sunbow characters are radically different from the Marvel versions, so I see them as Daina II and Stormavik II, with the Oktober Guard recycling the codenames for new members.

Daina, more than my Wong or Stormavik customs, doesn't directly follow the Sunbow design, but still takes a few elements from it.

Colors & Paint:

In the Sunbow appearance, Daina wore a hot pink Santa Claus snow suit. Uh, no thanks. I had to keep some representation of the pink, so I painted the Baroness glasses as sunglasses. The scarf around the neck is also pink. Otherwise I simply substituted light grey for what had been hot pink in the cartoon. I've sculpted fur onto other figures before, such as my Dela Eden custom, but I took a different painting approach on this figure. Instead of using a wash, on this one I added in different colors/brush strokes to give the fur a more realistic feel.

Sculpting & Modifying:

I filled the lens area of the glasses until they were flat and hid the sculpting for the eyes. I removed the hair and added the winter hat. I added the skirt and the fur edging on the jacket. After getting the collar and hair right, I went back and added hair.

Thanks for looking.

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