Head: Slayer Designs with Green stuff and poster board
Body: Legacy Rancor Keeper
Armor: Poster board with gemstones
Sunglasses: McFarlane Mike Piazza
Herald: Hood hounds
Iron Man: Marvel Heroics figurine
Pizza: Slayer Design Studios

Louie de Cobray's father was the late Baron de Cobray and his mother is on the Interpol Terrorist Watch List. He's jumped around from boarding school to boarding school and lives off a never ending trust fund he thinks was provided by his late father, but in actuality is supplied by his uncle Rex. In the summers he travels to Live Action Role Playing festivals and spares no expense on costumes and sets.

This was my entry for NJC #69 where we had to make customs that were the opposite of the character. I thought about what would be the opposite of one of the most powerful beings in the universe and came up with a spoiled rich kid who did cosplay pretending to be Galactus. My favorite part is that the dog actually looks like he was painted silver by a kid.

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