Head: A Christmas Story Ralphie X-Mas Ornament
Body: Indiana Jones Short Round
Coat: Short Round + Aves
Galoshes: A Christmas Story Randy figure
Beagle: Michael's Dog Toob figurines

This custom came from a challenge from Kilcarr - he wanted a custom of me for his own nefarious purposes as a trade for some figure arms he had that I wanted. I had trouble coming up with something, until one day I stumbled across this Christmas Story ornament. The head was a pretty good amalgam of me as a kid & also an adult (mainly the glasses.) I also had been working on restoring an old family film, and came across a photo of me to style the figure after.

Unfortunately (for Kilcarr) when my wife saw the finished fig, she forbade me to send it him, and claimed it as her own.

Also, this figure could be a young version of Hawk or Short Fuse.

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