Head: '90 Coldfront
Torso: '93 Bazooka
Arms: '90 Tunnel Rat
Wasit: '89 Stalker
Legs: '89 Stalker

Night Force never had a medic (though I believe Falcon may have been trained as a medic), it seemed like a medic for a self contained unit like the Night Force would be invaluable. It would have been awesome to have gotten a repainted Lifeline in something other than bright red...it may have been because he was added to Tiger Force they didn't include him in Night Force. I know that's my reason anywa: I already slated a custom Lifeline figure for my Tiger Force and Dino Hunters team, so I wanted to go a different route here.

Prior to this figure being completed I had made a Med Alert custom using the same Coldfront head, and I liked how it turned out. I thought he would be a good fit for Night Force as well.

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