Head: '87 Chuckles
Body: '86 Lift Ticket

Bandit was an A-10 pilot for a long time before being tasked to pilot the Joe teams updated Tiger Rat tank killer. Aside from being a highly decorated pilot, he'd studied the Cobra Rattler jet both inside and out, he knew how they worked, how they flew, and the kind of punishment they can both take and dish out.

As a kid I never had a Tiger Rat, but at one point I did end up with a Skystriker figure in my collection. Sadly, I don't know what happened to the figure, but I know he's no longer part of my collection. When the 25th line was going strong I picked up a 25th Tiger Rat, which was a plane I always wanted. A few years later I began expanding my Tiger Force team, and wanted to create a new pilot for my Tiger Rat. Sticking with a similar concept of using an existing body with a different head, I put this figure together, and decided to call him Bandit

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