Head: RoC Duke
Body: PoC Dusty, modified and painted

File Name: Tadur, James
PMOS: Infantry
SMOS: Medic
Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada

Dune is one half of a pair of twins and younger brother to Dusty. Dune and his twin Drift are two completely different people, Dune chose to follow his older brother into the desert and lives hot weather, while Drift chose to go with the Joe's cold weather team. Dune is the desert team's medic and usually mans the top mounted machine gun of the team's Desert Striker, riding along with hi older brother.

"Dune is a welcome addition to the desert team and has followed nicely in his older brother's footsteps. It's funny to watch how different he and his Twin, Drift, are, seriously, they're like the worst twins ever, with no connection to one another what so ever"

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