Head, chest/back, arms, lower legs: '83 Cover Girl
Waist: Comic pack ARAH Scarlett
Upper legs: '86 Zarana


Cover Girl's appearance in Sunbow's "The MASS Device" used a different color scheme and hair than the '83 figure. Instead of the figure's short rusty brown hair and brown/tan uniform, cartoon Cover Girl sported long blonde hair and a green uniform.

Sunbow-accurate Cover Girl customs have been done already. If you'd like to see flawless modern era interpretations, check out oreobuilder's custom or firebert's custom. They both nailed it.

This custom, however, isn't a direct interpretation of Sunbow's Cover Girl. Instead, it takes a Sunbow-ish color set and applies it to the ARAH CG figure. I wanted to work with the original figure, and its flawed head, just to see what it looked like. Collectors and customizers despise the ARAH CG head. There are problems with it. It's massively oversized and is much too close in sculpt to that of the '82 Scarlett head. Yes, it's far from perfect and has a dated hairstyle. But once painted with blonde hair and makeup, it distinguishes itself from the Scarlett head fairly well. The hair color is not straight yellow like the cartoon, but a mellower one.

I would have liked to have used a complete CG figure, but didn't have one. The Scarlett waist and Zaranna upper legs were used to replace the CG waist and upper legs, which had been parted out for other customs. Replacing these parts doesn't enhance the figure, but doesn't notably detract from it either. I ignored the torn portion of the Zarana upper leg.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The legs were narrowed at the tops to fit into the hip sockets.

Thanks for looking.

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