Ice Cream Soldier repaint, Street Fighter swords, flamethrower unknown

I only recently learned of this character, I was sorting some weapons to their owners using yojoe and saw his name. Nothing could have prepared me for how inappropriately it fits the character, there is nothing ice creamy about him. I thought it might be funny to customize one with a colorscheme that fits his name, so I bought a loose one to do that very thing. Maybe some new pics when I get a better flamethrower? The original filecard doesn't give you much insight on this guy, I Keyser Soze-ed something together out of what they give you.

File Name: Ragan, Tom-Henry
Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island
Grade: E-5
Primary Military Specialty:
Fire Operations Expert
Secondary Military Specialty:
Barbecue Chef

"When he goes bananas, the Cobras split!"

After his hitch was up, Tom-Henry returned to his hometown with the capital to fulfill his dream of operating his own food-truck business. He dispensed frozen treats and barbecue slathered in his family's secret sauce to a welcoming public. A mural on his truck referenced his service record and he soon became known in the neighborhood as the Ice Cream Soldier. However, as fate would have it his beloved truck was stolen by Dreadnoks who filled it with explosives and used it in a terrorist attack. When our agents investigated his connection, he offered his help in apprehending the thieves and in the adventure proved to be most capable with his custom flamethrower rig and extreme temperature gear. He was subsequently recruited to GI Joe, where he is always welcome as long as the ribs keep coming.

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