Head: Zap '91
Torso: Hardball '88
Arms: Long Range '89
Waist/"skirt": Tiger Claw '05
Upper legs: Storm Shadow '88
Lower legs: Recoil '89

Spread fingers Thing: Hydro Viper '88
Closed fingers Thing: Rip Cord '84
Golf club: Snow Job '83 pole + toothpick
Knives: Infantry Division '05

I came up with the idea for this NJC quite early, but I had a hard time deciding to go for either the striped suit or Mamushka suit Gomez.
Gomez Addams danced the Mamushka with Fester Addams in the first Addams Family movie.
He started the dance with a hat, but I think he took it off early, because almost the complete scene he is seen without the hat. That's why I made this custom hatless too.

For the head I think I took the middle road between the classic Gomez (John Astin) from the TV series and the Gomez from the movie (Raul Julia). Zap '91 was perfect, I didn't have to change anything about it.
The knives where used in the last part of the scene, where Gomez and Fester juggled with them.
The golf club actually appears in a different scene where Gomez also wears a different suit, but I just wanted to make a dio shot with Thing holding the golf ball for Gomez, just like in the movie. And a Thing made from the Hydro Viper hand was somewhere on top of my to-do list for ages so now was the perfect opportunity to finally use it!

Milliput was used for the collar, "tie" and the wrists of Thing.

Both Thing versions are my favorite parts of this custom.

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