Parts - Kirk
Head: RoC Sgt Thunderblast
Torso: 25th Shipwreck
Arms: 25th Cobra Trooper
Legs: RoC Storm Shadow
Camera: 25th DVD Pack

The Adventure People line was launched by Fisher Price in 1975. The series of 3 3/4'' figures and vehicles, aimed at older children, included 34 play sets devoted to scuba diving, mountain climbing, space exploration, motor biking, parachuting and other adventures.

I had a few sets as a kid (still have my Safari Truck packed away somewhere). Since I built to homage the Safari Expedition in 2015, I figured I would keep the theme going with the TV Action News Van (based on set 309).

As with all my previous Adventure People figures, I tried to keep the ''simple'' look and feel of the original figures. To do this, I use mostly 25th parts. These have slightly less sculpted detail than the more modern bank. At the same time, 25th parts have a decent range of motion. The paint colors mimic the original figures as well.

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