Head: 1980's 4" Cabbage Patch Kid figure, Sculpted mask
Torso: Cancelled JP figure
Arms: Cancelled JP figure
Legs: Snow Job
Weapon: Angel Forge
Basket: Hobby store

Garbage Pail Kids are one of those things that if you had them growing up, you loved them. You'd get a pack every time Mom went to the gas station, while she commented on how disgusting they were. You'd trade with friends. You'd laugh at the names, you'd try to complete the puzzle you could make by collecting enough cards. I had quite the shoebox full of GPK growing up, sadly I don't recall what became of it.

An oddball idea to make some came about when I was thinking of things that I remember as a kid. There were a lot of "controversial" (in their day anyways) GPK's.
Max Axe stood out to me, partly because it's a pretty violent depiction for a card set aimed at kids/teens. Probably tame by today's standards, but having a bunch of hacked up body parts in a basket catches your attention as a child. Once I had the figure parts figured out, I had to make the basket as well. I just couldn't pass it up.

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