Head, arms, torso - Dusty v2
Waist, legs - Bazooka v2

Accessories - Dusty v1

This is an alternate version of Tiger Force Dusty, which is just an LBC with a few painted details. I painted the name patches on his uniform the same as I did on the 1985 version (the right one says 'Tadur', the left one 'GI Joe' based on the cover of Special Missions #13), and painted the lenses on his goggles. The main change is just that he has the waist and legs of Tiger Force Bazooka - the colour and pattern matches Dusty's upper half. I didn't actually come up with this part of the custom myself. A few years ago I bought a big lot of figures that included a bunch of Tiger Force figures, and one Dusty came this way. Either someone else customized him, or just messed up when putting the figures back together.

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