Head: Big Boa (v1) 1987- modified
Torso: Gung-Ho (v5) 1993
Arms: Gnawgahyde(v1) 1989
Waist: Bazooka (v1) 1985
Upper legs: Barricade (v1) 1992 - modified
Lower legs: Hardball (v1) 1988

-Killer kangaroo: Schleich male kangaroo 2010 - modified
-Sadle: Schleich pony sadle
-Baseball bat, shotguns and knife (holster) Marauder Inc.

I used a Playmobil vacuum cleaner hose as a mouth piece.

Kangor is a one man army in the true sense of the word. He loves up close and personal battle. His armor protects him against many types of ammo as well as impacts from sharp and blunt weapons. He breathes a special air, that is enriched with extra oxygen and a light scent of daisies.

His go to means of transportation are his specially bread killer kangaroos. These animals will last about a year, before they are thrown on the annual Cobra barbe... uhm... before they retire.

Kangor's catch phrase: "Who is PETA and where can I kick his butt?"

When I asked for inspiration on one of the Facebook pages I visit, someone said: "Kangor". First I didn't think much of it, but for almost a year, the idea kept lingering in my mind. I thought it was too easy to paint Big Boas head black way too easy.

One day I was playing with my godson's Schleich toy collection and I saw this kangaroo. And then it hit me: "What if Kangor would ride his battle scarred killer kangaroo?" and the concept was born.

I'm very happy with the result. I still have to make a file card for him, but due to the contest deadline, I post him befor I could finish that.

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