Head - Col. Courage (modified)
Arms - Roadblock v2
Torso - Low-Light v3
Waist, legs - Pathfinder

Rifle - Recondo v3
Knife - Steeler v4
Backpack - Cobra Trooper

The Sea Devils are my first attempt at a full subteam for GI Joe. It came about when I did a new custom of the Devil's Due version of Shipwreck. I mixed a nice blue colour for his sweater and hat (a mix of basic blue and intermediate blue), but I made way too much of it. It's such a pleasant colour that I decided to build a whole team around it, and the natural theme (both based on the colour and that Shipwreck would be a member) was water. So I came up with the Sea Devils, a Joe team that specializes in amphibious, littoral and riverine operations. Unlike existing subteams, I wanted to do a significant proportion of new characters to go along with the existing Joes who fit in with the idea, and use a relatively consistent colour scheme involving the Shipwreck blue, intermediate blue, and light and medium gray.

Beachcomber is an original character, designed to be a member of the Sea Devils. His filecard information is below.

File Name: Allan, Louis O.
Birthplace: Piedmont, CA
Service Branch: Navy
Grade: E-5 (PO2)
Primary MOS: Hospital Corpsman (Marine Force Recon Corpsman)
Secondary MOS: Basic Water Survival Instructor

The Marines rely mostly on the Navy Hospital Corps to provide support services to their operations, including combat medics. Beachcomber went through the pipeline to become a Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC), the most combat-ready medical unit in the armed forces. SARCs are assigned to serve with Marine units, so like a Marine they must be a capable fighter regardless of their speciality. Beachcomber is cool-headed, low-key, personable, and laid-back. Before joining the Navy, he was planning to become a naturalist, and learned survival and navigation skills that still serve him to this day.

"Beachchomber sometimes struggles with the violence required in his job, but his desire to do his duty overcomes any reservations he has when the bullets start flying, and he has no shortage of courage. He delves into nature during his downtime in order to relieve his mental stress, taking long drives or cruises along the shore. A bit of an oddball, but great at his job."

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