Head: 25th Clutch
Helmet: ROC Pit Commando
Visor: Lego modified
Torso: DG Snake Eyes
Upper arms: 25th Mutt
Lower arms: 50th Beachhead
Upper legs: Retaliation Firefly
Lower legs: Retaliation GI Joe Trooper

Overwatch was a late addition to the Night Force project. As the story was coming together, I wanted to include a sniper on the team. The build is completely based on the second version of Low Light. Since that figure does not look anything like the iconic first version, I renamed him and made him a new character. Low Light's original figure in already clad in Night Force colors, so using the 2001 version changes things up.

The build came together really quickly. When I started painting it, I considered changing the teal to gray, as I was not sure about the color. However, I decided to give it a try and I am glad that I stuck with it. I am really happy with the result.

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