Head: '85 Bazooka
Torso: '88 Astro Viper
Arms: '86 Lifeline
Waist: '92 Big Bear
Legs: '92 Big Bear

Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert! Cobra has once again reared its ugly hood and a new breed of GI Joe specialist is all that stands between the evil terrorist organization and their renewed quest for world domination. A routine training mission is cut short, and squad leader Vanguard and his team of rawhides are thrust into battle against Cobra's newest and most dangerous operatives

With all new vehicles, figures and accessories GI Joe: Next Generation Warfare puts you in control of the battle. Collect them all and decide the fate of the world!

In piecing together my NGW project, I wanted vehicles to be one of the main focal points. I knew I was not going to be able to make as many vehicles as what Hasbro showcased in their greatest years, but wanted to focus on a select few key vehicles. One of my favorite things about the vehicles was the cool figures they were released with. I often had no idea what the figure even looked like until getting the toy in hand.

Bio Below:

Backfire; Spartan Driver
File name: Wally Pardoni
PMS: Armored Vehicle Driver
SMS: Vehicle Maintenance
Birthplace: Glendora, NJ

Backfire grew up driving tanks, his grandfather was the curator of a world war II museum that specialized in armored vehicles from around the world. He and his grandfather would often take the exhibits out for a leisurely drive. Whenever someone asked what he wanted to do when grew up, his answer was always the same, "Drive tanks"
"When not in the field, you can always find Backfire in the motor pool tinkering with something. His idea of downtime is his head buried under the hood of a MOBAT"

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