Head: Outback (v1) 1987 - modified
Torso: Snake Eyes (v4) 1991
Arms: Updraft (v1) 1990
Waist: Hit & Run (v1) 1988 - modified
Legs: Updraft (v1) 1990 - modified

Backpack: Hawk (v2) 1986
Kukri, holster and hand gun: Marauder Inc.

The custom is painted in Revell Aquacolor and Citadel acrylic paints. I used different shading and highlight techniques all over the custom, to create a more realistic look. For the simple but effective camo pattern, I used a small piece of sponge, topped with a watered down shading.

I used brown stuff to give Outback longer hair and a bigger beard. I drilled a hole in the waist to attach a Kukri made by Marauder Inc. The sculpted holster is replaced by an interactive one also made by Marauder Inc.

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