Head - Wreckage
Arms - Ambush
Torso - Falcon
Waist - Psyche-Out
Legs - Sgt. Stalker v5

Boonie hat, submachine gun - Marauder Inc.
Sniper rifle - fodder

A couple of years ago I did a three-pack of Canadian soldiers, intended to be the first set of many representing the special forces of various companies. Baionnette is the first of the French set of the same series.

File Name: Letellier, Severin
Service Branch: Marine nationale (French Navy)
Primary Specialty: Naval Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Marine Reconnaissance
Birthplace: Le Havre, FRA
Rank: QM.d1 (Quartermaster First Class; E-4 equivalent)

Baionnette is one of three French soldiers attached to the G.I. Joe team to pursue COBRA criminals Zartan, Tomax, Xamot and Major Bludd for crimes against their government. He is the precision instrument of the trio, an extremely skilled and deadly combatant from the Monfort Unit of the Commandos Marine. He grew up poor in Le Havre, France's second-largest port, which is very close to the sites of the Normandy Landings in WWII, where he developed an appreciation for life on the water, and a very strong sense of justice.

Graduated: Centre d'instruction neval de Brest - CIN (Brest Naval Training Centre), Ecole des fusiliers (Rifleman School), CFHT (Upper School of Fusiliers and Commandos). Qualified Expert: MAC 50 pistol, MP5 submachine gun, FAMAS G2 rifle, FR F2 sniper rifle.

"Anyone who tells you that the French are weak militarily, that they just surrender at the drop of a hat, doesn't know squat about soldiering. The French Armed Forces are among the strongest, best-equipped and well-trained units in the world. And their Spec Ops guys, like 'Bayonet' here, leave nothing to be desired. He's nasty and efficient, in the best possible ways. You do NOT want to be on the side of the bad guys when he's on their tail."

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