Head, arms - 1994 Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage
Torso, waist, legs - 1994 Street Fighter movie 'Rock Trooper' Guile

Backpack - 1994 Street Fighter movie 'Rock Trooper' Guile
Pistol - 2002 Sound Attack 8-Pack Fast Blast Viper
SMG - Various 1998-2004 figures

A neat thing about the 1994 Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat figures is the variety of custom options that can spring from the parts they used, if one's creative enough.

I made this guy with that feeling in mind. I don't mind the camo, as I can chalk it up to him having come from the UN special forces operating in desert environments. (I could be wrong.)

I gave him this specific gear load-out as a nod to most of his source mold.

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