Torso: 25th BAT
Arms: Destro
Legs: Serpentor
Helmet: modifies BFS

Cryotek was a member of the Spectral Knights that live on the planet Prysmos. It was once a futuristic planet with advanced technology, but when the three suns aligned it made all technology stop working. Two factions came out of this disaster the good Spectral Knights and the evil Darkling Lords. Without technology both sides turn to magic to rule the planet. When they are invited to a "tournament" by the wizard Merklynn both sides gain magical animal and totem powers.

Cryotek is granted immense strength making him one of the strongest people on Prysmos. He uses his new magical powers to under the leadership of Leoric to battle Darkstorm and the evil Darkling Lords.

Painting the bear head on the chest was the toughest part of the custom. It turned out okay.

I've included a picture with all of the Visionaries I've made up to this point along with the Leoric figure that was released with the SDCC Revolution set.

Like COPS Visionaries were really just upscaled Joes with the same tooling and construction which made the awesome.

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