Head: Cast
Body: BFS

He is Chuck Norris....what else can be said. In addition to his long list of achievements he is the leader of an elite military team named the Karate Kommandos. His two key members of the squad are Kimo a samurai warrior and Tabe a world class sumo wrestler. The Karate Kommandos battle the forces of VULTURE. VULTURE is an evil organization who wants world domination.

In my Joeverse, Outback was always Chuck Norris and Budo became Kimo. I always thought the Karate Kommandos could easily be a sub team for GI Joe much like Ninja Force or Tiger Force. Vulture was always an ally of Cobra.

I've included a picture with the vintage figure.

I've included a picture with all of the Karate Kommandos Customs.

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