Head : 2004 VVV Beachhead (modified)
Body : 2002 Baronness
Sword and sheath : 2002 Snake eyes
Gun : dunno, some 2003 figure

Had an extra 2002 Baronness and two VVV Beachheads in stock, and didn't know what to do with'em. A DD sketch make me realize it was the perfect base for a DD Jinx rendition. I made a try with a Firefly head, but this face seemed too "angry" IMO. I wanted something softer. Hey, as deadly as she can be, Jinx is a chick.

This custom was quite easy to make, I just had to re-sculpt Beachhead's headbase to make it fit into Baronness's body (nothing sexual here, I heard you).

I was afraid about how the blue/grey paint apps would look like, but the result is quite satisfying.

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