Head: Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung
Chest: VvsV Storm Shadow
Waist: VvsV Storm Shadow
Arms: Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung
Legs: VvsV Storm Shadow

When I saw this head I knew that it would be perfect for Onihashi. Though now that I made him I am sure Hasbro will make one now!!

Bio: He is the mystic swordsmith for the Arishikage ninja clan for centuries. Many believe that he is immortal. Others think that he finds an appreantice and they take the Onihashi name and continue on. One thing that is certain is that he is the greatest swordsmith and working from his hidden mountain forge he crafts the greatest and most deadly of weapons. Now he and his twin daughters are preparing for the coming storm of war. The only question is whos side are they going to take?

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