Head, Torso, Arms, Waist (Apron): All Duke/Rollbar (Desert Humvee)
Waist (Crotch), Legs: Dusty (JvC v6) - LBC
Drape: Dusty (JvC v6) - Dremeled out
Beret: BBI

For this, I tried to capture a feel for a few things: first, a feel for the Marvel comic uniform in using the drape and the long BDU jacket. Second, a realization that the Joes do not wear a standard US uniform, in order to prevent easy identification (and blame on the US) if captured. Third, a nod to the various figures that swapped between the drape and the beret.

Instead of the traditional 'tape' nametags, I chose a single black patch. The Air Force I know went to this style of velcro patch for the reason in v2: pilots (or anyone) in danger of capture could rip off the namepatch and discard / destroy it, so not to give the enemy information (name, rank, unit) to use against the prisoner.

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