All are SpyTroops.

Head = Modded Scalpel
Torso = Modded DepthCharge
Waist/Legs = Shipwreck, Removed Holster on Right leg
Hands Upper = Destro
Hands Lower = Modded Grunt

This is something that I have been wanting to do for some time. KOF is 1 of the few fighting games that I used to play ... :)

2 years ago wanted to do one but kinda put it on hold while playing Ragnarok Online during that time, like, 24/7 when I started it, guess it's time I finish it off with a new head and body.

Didn't really come out too good due to laziness, could've done a lot better with the body/legs .. not real bothered it's still OK for me... ;)

- Head took some time due to multipart to make it the way I want.
- Decided to do it non-jacket for a diffference and laziness.
- Kinda easy to do, but still took me some time due to putty jobs here and there... :)
- Should've putty off those DepthCharge lines or use Destro's Body, both require more work, laziness wins ... ;)

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