Head: Loop Custom Beav casting
Chest: Crystal Ball with Sculpy
Upper Arms: Road Block v1 with Sculpy
Lower Arms: POTF Chewbacca
Waist: Psyche Out with Sculpy
Thighs: Crystal Ball
Feet: POTF Chewbacca with Sculpy

When Crystal Ball needed a general to lead his army he ordered just what he wanted from the cloners on Kamino. Unsure of the precise recipe to use the Kaminoians made a test batch of Crystal Beavs before using the actual Seventh clone of Crystal Ball's Seventh clone. Of this batch, which used a little bit too much of the genetic make up of a beaver for its craftiness and engineering skills, only Furry Balls survived. Furry Balls now stalks the water ways surrounding the secret base of the Crystal Army, chewing on trees, felling them on any souls unfortunate enough to tread on his territory.

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