Head: Jinx (VvV)
Torso: Jinx (VvV)
Arms: Jinx (VvV)
Waist: Zaranna (Spytroops)
Upper Legs: Tunnel Rat (VvV)
Lower Legs: Snakeeyes (Spytroops)

Lotus was born to a Japanese woman that Banzai fell in love with during his training in Japan. He raised her as his own until she was 7. He trained her in the martial arts and was a father to her in every way. When he left to complete his training in Tibet, he promised to keep in touch. He wrote her and her mother weekly until he needed to go deeper in to seclusion to finish his training and that's when the letters stopped forever.

At the age of 18 Lotus moved to America to find out what happened to her father. Her mother had said that Banzai had mentioned an organization called G.I. Joe. She researched but nothing came up on G.I. Joe. After months of searching she was approached by Scarlett and Jinx and questioned why she was so curious about G.I. Joe. After Lotus told them about Banzai, Scarlett felt obligated to let Lotus know about the failed Ninja Force plan. She told her how some Ninja Force members stuck around and took on other jobs within G.I. Joe, but others including Banzai had left the team and severed contact with anyone.

As her last hopes of finding her only known father dwindled, Lotus asked Jinx and Scarlett for help. Jinx has agreed to help her and taken her under her wing. Jinx has helped Lotus fine tune her martial arts skills to the point of Lotus earning a spot on the Joe team. They continue to search for Banzai and the others that severed ties to the Joe team. Lotus is sure that she will be able to persuade her "father" to rejoin the team.

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