Head: Nunchuk modified
Torso: Nunchuk modified
Sash: Nunchuk skirt modified with Slice head drape
Rest: Nunchuk

Quick Kick was always one of my favorite characters, so when I got back into collecting and found out he had died in the comic I tried to adhere to the continuity, but I couldn't stand the thought of one of my favorite characters being dead. Initially I brought him back to life, somewhat, for anyone who understood what I was alluding at on the bio for my Cobra Mortal customs, but I still always wanted a Quick Kick figure. Ultimately, though, I adhere to my continuity in which Quick Kick is still dead, somewhat, and this custom simply waits in the backdrop, one day waiting to see if the character can be returned.

Got the idea from Tope over at ADC then changed it slightly.

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