Head, arms: SpyTroops Dusty
Torso: SpyTroops Kamakura
Waist, skirt, legs: VvV Cobra Commander
G-36: Hard Drive
Pistol: SpyTroops Shipwreck

Dusty is one of those figures I just "happened" on while intending him to be someone else, as part of my Customs Concept project. I'm not a huge fan of desert troops to begin with but since he was going together so well, I figured, "Hey, why not? It's not like the SpyTroops version was very good, with his overly-long arms and oddly-shaped legs."

While I'm overall pleased with how he came out parts-wise, his paint job ended up being a real nightmare; no matter what I tried, getting it to stick and not chip just wasn't happening. He's probably got 10 coats of sealer on him! But in the end he doesn't look so bad on the shelf, so I think I'll keep him around to give my Sandstorm custom some company. :-)

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