Head: BBi (modified)
Torso: Dusty V1
Arms: Unknown
Waist: Flint (modified)
Legs: Budo (modified)

Weapon: Heavily modified Dusty v1
Backpack: Lady Jaye (modified)
Helmet: BBi w/ cloth

Dusty loves the desert. It's clean, pure and unforgiving. Unlike Vegas, which is always willing to give you a second chance. Dusty was working as a refrigerator repairman and studying desert ecology at night when his pre-enlistment application for the G.I. Joe team was approved. He took basic at Fort Bliss, TX and loved every minute of it.

Dusty has been placed in charge of the newly formed Snake Hunter unit. This unit was formed to specialize in fighting and eradicating Cobra in desert environments.

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