Head (unhooded) - Padme S.W.
Arms - Padme
Torso, Upper Legs - 25th Scarlet Comic 2-Pack
Lower Legs, belt - 25th SS

Head (Hooded) - 25th SS Comic 2 Pack
Weapons - 25th SS

I always liked Jinx but felt like giving her a more Sexy feminine look. Here's the result. Jinx is a part of the Joes covert ninja team, lead by Snake Eyes. They were formed and hand picked by S.E. in order to keep tabs on the Black Dragon Clan and the Ninja battles taking place all over the world. (exclusive in the One Verse). Jinx combines beauty with a deadly fighting force honed by her Ninja master Snake Eyes. Jinx along with Kamakura, Tiger Claw and Billy Kelly make up the Joes Ninja Force.

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