Head: Mirage v1
Torso: Road Pig
Arms: unkonwn
Waist: Major Bludd v3
Legs: Big Boa (modified)

water bottle: unknown
weights: self made from rods, gears, poles and wheels
solar reflector: cardboard and aluminum foil
beach chair: AC Moore doll house accessory

I had bought a v3 Major Bludd sometime back for the head. I always thought it was funny how he looked like he was wearing a purple leotard and red speedos. I decided to create a Venice Beach beachbum using the MB v3 waist. In order to create a more believable character, I grinded down Big Boa's lower legs so it looks as if he is wearing water shoes. Mirage's goggles were painted to look like sunglasses. Mirage's head was a no brainer for this guy. First off, his face is tanned as if from a spray tanner. Second, the blond crew cut is California all the way. Lastly, his head gear resembles stereo headphones and shades. The bikini clad lady giving him an attitude is one of the bikini biker babes I made a while back, I' ll put them up soon.

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