Head - Grandslam
Torso - Desert wolf
Lower arms - Action team Recondo
Hands - Duke v1
Lower legs- Lt. Stone

Hat - my little pony Ponyville special delivery postal hat
vest pack and ammo belt- Gung-Ho
machine gun - made from joe firefly matchstick, hi-tech pulse rifle and a switchfire pistol

With close to twenty years in the Army, Repeater never got any higher than E-6. His performance in the field was always top-notch but he could never back it up in garrison. He's just not a barracks soldier and never could be. Send him out in the bush beyond the furthest base camp, and you'll see he's the one the grunts want to soldier with- because he's the one who's going to bring them back in one piece! Being the machine gunner is probably the toughest job in an infantry squad. For one thing, he's got the heaviest load to carry. Secondly, as soon as he starts firing the enemy knows he is and becomes their primary target. Thirdly the squad depends on him to provide maneuvering cover. Your machine gunner should always be the strongest, most stand up trooper you have... and Repeater is every letter of that.

Repeater is currently assigned to the Rapid Deployment Force as well as Night Force.

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