Head: Law
Torso: Dial Tone
Arms: 86 Hawk
Legs: Shockwave
Gun: Marauder John
Parts Supplied by: Raptor
Parts ID Help: Lance Sputnik


3060 EOD Joemichaels70 Zombie Hunter

In the future, they will take your eye and replace it with a white marble.

Because they can.

And it will make you mad. Very mad.


This was my speed-painting entry at JC.coN North. I knew when I pulled the parts that whoever I made would be some type of self-custom, as I have used that head in another self-custom. The only way I could think to get the piece done in the time allowed was to paint the whole thing black. I then dry brushed the entire piece in dirty grey, and spent some time trying to detail in the head. Being right-handed, I messed up the left eye, and just painted it white to look fake. I then dipped the head once or twice in the brush-cleaning water to 'weather' it. While it was drying, I painted in as many details on the figure as time would allow (pouches, etc.)

Although it's not the best photo, if you look close on the backpack, you'll see where some of the paint rubbed off while finishing the character, actually revealing a neon 'green' screen -- it looked appropriate and intentional, so I left it that way.

It paid off, and the figure won it's division, the prize being a complete set of grey MJ weapons (2nd Series)

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