Head: BBI
Upper Torso: Tomax (modified)
Lower Torso: Stalker
Arms: Tomax
Legs: Stalker

Backpack: Snake Eyes (parka)
Pistol: Marauder
Holster: Chap Mei
M14: Marauder
Beret: BBI
Knife: Stalker

I always liked this version of Dusty and when I saw the Tomax/Xamot torso, I thought with just a little bit of work it could be a great v-neck shirt. Parts for this figure came together pretty easily and the backpack from the parka Snake Eyes figure is just too darn perfect. I had never been a big fan of the M14 until I was stuck using one while playing GRAW2 on the X360. Shortly after that, I got my newest order from Marauder John and there was his M14. Since I had a new found love for the gun, I put it with the first custom I finished after getting it....Dusty.

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