Head, Torso and Left arm-original B.A.T.
Right arm-Overkill v1
Waist-The Fridge

Righthand Flamethrower-Blowtorch replacement flamethrower
Lefthand Tri-blade Chainsaw-Corps! figure
Chest engine-Ripper backpack
Fuel supply backpack-unknown source

Like the scavangers that they are, the Dreadnoks picked up some spare B.A.T. parts lying around after a battle. Though the Dreadnoks are not technically inclined they are mechanically skill. They reassembled a B.A.T and renamed it a B.A.D. (Battle Android Dreadnok) but were unable to make the original power supply work. The Dreadnoks retro-fitted the reassembled B.A.D. with a two stroke single cylinder engine to power the B.A.D. In order for the B.A.D. to run the Dreadnoks had to install a fuel supply backpack. The pack has two fuel canisters: one to power the B.A.D.'s engine and the other to supply the Flamethrower. B.A.D. is worse than the normal B.A.T., it has no A.I. or logistics. B.A.D. has been known to try to walk through a wall for an hour, too much amusement to the other Dreadnoks. The B.A.D. is slow and clunky but with the flamethrower and triple blade chainsaw, it is very dangerous.

"Blyme, that thar B.A.D. is wild. Just glad e don't drink no grape soda nor et me donuts." Ripper.

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