head: Dusty

upper body: Dusty

lower body: Crankcase

backpack: Dusty

gun: BBI

Filename: Tadur, Ronald W.

Military Specialty: Infantry

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Dusty was a Refrigerator repairman, who studied desert Ecology when he signed on to be a Joe.

He's at home in the desert. Hates the ocean.

Loves barbecued iguana.

No truth to the rumor that he likes to trip on peyote when he's on desert solo missions.

I was wanting to come up with a camo combo that seemed to be the one they use in Iraq. I think I achieved it more closely with Beuwolf. I came to find the color combo is more a tan-green, not blueish-green as it appeared, but I still like how this color combo camo turned out. I picture this being the outfit Dusty would wear in missions in Afghanistan, in the more mountainous regions.

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