Head: Flint v4
rest: Iceberg v3

I was able to get an extra Iceberg v3 figure, which was really nice, and I decided to make an LBC out of it, and replaced the head with a Flint head from my custom parts pile.

I did not repaint any part, and was going to submit it as purely an LBC, but I thought of playing around with the head using a lead pencil, and i liked how it turned out, so I painted over the pencil layouts.

Anyway, since its an Iceberg body, I decided to use one of the figures "possible" names, as stated in the Ultimate Guide. Given the choices of Winter, Ice-Man, and Chill, I originally chose Ice-Man, before I painted the head. But afterwards, I thought Chill would better fit the custom.

The head reminded me of Elvis, so I made up the back story for Chill with Elvis in mind, as per his filecard.

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