Head: Resolute Duke/SB Helmet
Body: POC Snake Eyes
Legs: Maybe same?

So my boy is mostly into Lego, Minecraft and TMNT, but he enjoys Joe-articulated figures too, even if not the Joe mythos. Mostly he enjoys them only if they are customs.

He likes the idea of making his own figures, and this team was one of his first efforts that had some thought put into it. He picked parts, designed, assigned roles, and helped with some assembly and paint, while I did the heavy lifting on the glue/cutting/hot glue, etc...

The first one was his design (he hasn't decided whether to paint or not), and has become the Commander. We put a few of his LBCs with him, and decided to make them a team. He insisted they be called a Squad, so I helped him name them the S.A.F.E. Squad (Science/Adventure/Fighting/Espionage). Since that initial effort, he decided he wanted his squad to become Adventure Team Members. I wrote it into the story by explaining that the SAFE Squad had been assigned to work for the AT, so now they could be both.

We have had multiple fun role-play styled missions involving this team. One thing I like to do is set up the mission with a play area, then take pictures of key targets. Then when the mission is assigned to the team, I give a computer to the Commander, while handing my phone with the mission pics on it, to debrief him.

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