Head, torso, arms, backpack: 50th Viper
Upper legs: 25th Viper
Lower legs: 50th BATS

I have made a few versions of Cobra Vipers for previous Resurgence projects. This time around, I wanted to change the recipe a bit. We talked about doing an enemy for our GI Joe Night Force squad to fight. We started with the Cobra Night Watch as it seemed like it was a natural fit. As the project evolved, we created the Cobra Shadow Brigade to expand the reach of the Night Watch. That opened up the possibility of doing more troop types. Vipers were the first that I wanted to add.

For inspiration, I turned to a non-official figure. First, a bit of back story, the Tri-State Vipers is a group of Joe fans originally based in NYC. Over the years, the group has grown to include members from several states and even countries. A few years ago, they released an exclusive o-ring Viper figure repainted in mostly black with red highlights. It is a terrific looking figure in my opinion and I thought that it would fit nicely with the darker Cobras in the Night Watch squad.

For the recipe, I used modern Viper parts for the top half, but decided to replicate the lower half recipe with 25th Viper and 25th BATS leg parts. Color-wise, I did not replicate the TS Viper slavishly, I used it as a guide. I also wanted it to fit with my other Shadow Brigade troops. Overall, I am very happy with the result.

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