Head, arms: 50th Hawk
Torso: DG Duke
Vest: 25th Gung Ho
Belt: RoC Snake Eyes
Upper legs: Retaliation Data-Viper
Lower legs: 50th Cobra Trooper
Helmet: VvV Leatherneck

To drive the Night Panther, I wanted to avoid using common tank commanders like Steeler and Heavy Metal. I looked at a few options including Armadillo, Steam Roller, Wildcard and Long Range. For various reasons, none of them worked in my opinion, so I looked at the New Sculpt years. I had previously done a Switch Gears custom for Resurgence 2, so he already exists in our Joe-verse. I tweaked the parts recipe to suit what I had on hand and gave him a color scheme loosely inspired by the vintage Night Force Psych-Out.

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