The head is an unknown cast, I'm unsure of the origin of it.
The rest of the figure is MTF.

Note that the cover art has a G.I.Joe-like "explosion" behind the characters. In addition, the filecards include the exact text from the back of G.I.Joe figures - "Clip and Save for your... Files".

While the cardbacks pictured above were purchased in South America, the figures were produced in China. It's likely that these figures were sold in the United States at some point, because the card text is all in English. Bad English, however - "Those Guys From the Other Galaxy"????

I've seen pictures of this line many a times, but there isn't alot of info outside of what lists that tells me more. The entire line has awesome looking characters in it and Red Raven is the one I chose to represent the Power Commandos.

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