Parts list:
Head: dremeled Iron Grenadier '88 helmet , hot glue, piece of wire netting and a cut neck ball joint
Torso: Annihilator '89
Upper Arms: Thrasher '86
Lower Arms: Gung-Ho '92
Waist: Zartan '84
Upper Legs: Zartan '84
Lower Legs: Zartan '84

Axe: Barbeque '85 + axe from Accessory Pack '88 chain axe
Shield: piece of spray can cap, Warhammer spike, Warhammer waterslide decals
Bladed Fists of Iron: Dremeled Warhammer Ogre weapons

Rudarius was born and raised in Italy. Started wrestling as a child, but turned to MMA as an adolescent. Almost immediately became Italian champion at the age of 18, when he was allowed to compete at professional fights. He quickly got involved in illegal underground fights all through southern Europe. Gained a reputation as an inventive and graceful, but yet powerful fighter.

In that illegal fighting business, Rudarius came in touch with a more challenging type of fighting known as "Decerto" (fight to the finish with weapons). It's basically the equivalent of the Kumite, but its history goes back to the original gladiator fights in the Roman culture and often involves deaths of fighters. Participants fight under contract of lanista, gladiator bosses. Rudarius started that way too, fought and won over 50 matches, which gained him his ceremonial wooden sword and his "freedom" to fight for his own.

As a champion of the southern Europe, Rudarius now seeks for other fighting tournaments all over the world.

Fighting Style(s): Roman Wrestling, MMA, Classic Gladiator Weapons Fighting

Weapon(s): Axe, Roman Shield, two bladed Fists of Iron

Notes of special interest:
Rudarius is derived from "rudiarii": a gladiator who had won his freedom (received his wooden sword or rudis) but chose to remain a gladiator.
"Amouricum Mortis" means armoured death.

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