Head: Storm Shadow vers 6
Torso: Eel vers 2
Arms: Sci Fi vers 4 + Desert Cobra Claws + Shipwreck vers 5
Waist: Shipwreck vers 5
Upper legs: Agent Scarlett
Feet: Storm Shadow vers 6 + Desert Cobra Claws
Sword: Snake Eyes vers 9
Backpack: (Not seen) Accessory pack 1

First I have to apologize for the sub-par picture. I don't have my own digital camera so I didn't get much time to play around until I took a good picture..

Made this because I don't have the new sculpt Storm Shadow and wanted a JvsC sized one. With an o-ring. Here's the modifications I made:

For the forearms, I cut off the hands from Desert Cobra Claws, then glued on Shipwreck's. Then I sanded down Shipwreck's hands a little because they were HUGE. They still look too big. For the head I chopped off the bottom of Stormy's and glued on a random ball joint. For the feet I cut off Stormy's a little, then glued on desert cobra claws' since I wanted him to be wearing boots. Then I painted and drybrushed a few times and that was that. I'll get a better picture someday!

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