Head: Outback V1
Chest: Outback V1
Arms: Big Boa V1
Hands: Ripper V1
Middle Piece: Ripper V1
Upper Legs: Ripper V3
Lower Legs: Ripper V1

Ripper is an extremely greedy, anti-social malcontent with extreme levels of hatred. Ripper has never fit in with the civilized world. He was expelled from his first nursery school for assaulting the other children. This anti-social behavior continued through his adolescent years. Eventually the only groups that would accept him were the ones avoided by the civilized world.

Ripper has an eerie fascination with edged weapons and finds extreme happiness in the destruction of expensive items. Initially these items were destroyed with heavy edged weapons that were used like a cross between a fireman's axe and a bottle opener. While lurking around an accident scene for enjoyment one day he noticed the rescue team using a hydraulic rescue tool commonly referred to as the "Jaws of Life". Ripper fell in love with possibilities of what such a tool could do and promptly stole it from the rescue truck.

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