Head: Blackout
Torso: Ripper
Arms: Ripper
Waist: Roadblock
Upper Legs: Recondo
Lower Legs: ChapMei
Hammer: Sculpey

This is one of my oldest newsculpt customs. I've tried to remake this figure several times but nothing seems to work out.

Road Pig is dedicated to staying close to Zarana. From the first time he saw her, Road Pig has been enamored by the pink haired woman. Zarana has grown to have a soft spot for the big guy and learned that he will follow her to the ends of the world to protect her. So when she declared war on Zanya and her young Dreadnoks, Road Pig was right beside her swinging that massive hammer. And when Zartan returned to settle the disagreements and Zarana formed her own group, Road Pig was the first to terminate his "employment" with The Dreadnoks and swear allegiance with The IronKlad, until Zarana moves on that is.

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