Head: Mirage 93 (modified)
Chest: Viper 86 (modified)
Arms: Dodger 87
Waist: Mercer 87
Right Thigh: Outback 87 w/ Intoyz holster
Left Thigh: Outback 87
Lower Legs: Shockwave 92 (modified)

Rifle: Blackout 03 (modified)
Backpack: Low-Light 86
Pistol: Intoyz

Primary Military Specialty: Sniper
Secondary Military Specialty: Infiltration

This is my self-custom. It's more than a little flattering, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. This is actually the second self-custom I've done, but I never posted the first one because it was basically a standard custom with a Joe head that looked kind of similar to me (Sci-Fi 91, if you were wondering). So, when I sat down to make another self-custom, I tried to figure out what would personalize it a bit more. I settled on two things: trying to get a good likeness with the head, and trying to give the figure the same tattoo that I have. I'll post a picture of me in the critique section, so you can judge for yourself if it was successful.

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