Some Beachhead head
Renegades Duke hands
DG Shipwreck torso and arms
DG Snake Eyes legs
Goggles are 2008 Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker
Wrist computer 1 x 2 lego brick
Random M4
Backpack is City Strike Snake Eyes (I think)

[Begin digital film clip marked defector]

*a low hum fills a room*

General Hawk: I'm being told you want to come over. The information you've given us checks out about your... previous engagements, but you know how little this happens? I mean I can't sit on this. It'll get out, and it will only make your life harder.

Subject: Understood, sir.

General Hawk: So, it says here in the debrief that you were a white hat. You worked to uncover electronic corporate secrets and joined up with the wrong side to further your aims.

Subject: Yes sir. I couldn't stand by with the information I could get access to, and do nothing with it. There are other hacktivist groups that have good ideas, but they fall short sometimes, and you really need a man on the inside to get deep in the data. That's why when I approached the Night Creepers, I was able to not only get better equipment to further my aims, but for a time, those aims aligned with Cobra. Soon though, I started having to take jobs I didn't agree with just to get jobs I wanted, and the balance shifted. I was getting farther and farther away from my goals.

General Hawk: Let me stop you. You committed corporate espionage that funded a terrorist organization, and only when you started doing more illegal things did you feel bad? Pardon me for saying so, but I'm not sympathetic to your pains.

Subject: I understand. Honestly, I do. After a raid, I witnessed some man in a pinstripe suit and ponytail with some heavily armed guards go in and "wipe the scene clean" which meant killing everyone inside. They didn't have to do it, but it was a message from Extensive Enterprises to this company. I guess you don't see the problem with your methods until you see who it hurts. I don't want my actions to hurt anyone but Cobra now. Please, give me that chance.

*General Hawk furrows his brow and exhales sharply*

General Hawk: Okay. You'll be on probation, but you'll report for Greenshirt duty tomorrow. I'm giving you the codename Raid. I'll have to report your previous affairs to certain people and I can't guarantee that word won't spread. If you step out of line, there will be consequences and I'm not above treating you like an enemy combatant at the slightest hint of trouble. Are we clear?

Raid: Yes, General Hawk. Crystal.

[End digital film clip marked defector]

The clip ends and the film is downloaded and deleted off this surveillance server. An unseen face looks around cautiously as gear is stowed away and the man's exit from the facility begins...

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