Head: '89 Frag Viper
Arms: '87 Gyro-Viper
Torso: '93 Mindbender
Waist: '89 Deep Six
Legs: '02 Mirage

Bug-bite was a strange child, he held a fascination for insects, but it wasn't a fondness for them, it was a deep seeded disdain for them. Over the years his fascination with their world grew, and he studied entomology in school even getting a PHD. He was tapped by the DOD for a secret project involving the use of insects in modern day warfare. Certain military organizations had began weaponizing creatures like the African Honey Bee, and Bug-Bite was tasked with developing ways to neutralize them.

Bug-bite was selected for a special project on the Joe team where he could use his specially designed toxin analyzer / insecticide emitter to neutralize special genetically modified creepy crawlers cooked up by Cobra.

He's also equipped with a hi-tech anti-personnel "Stinger" Pistol that fires a laser. The laser bolt can be calibrated in lethality from causing a mild rash to inflicting debilitating paralysis.

This custom was created as part of my Unconventional Warfare Squad, which is led by Dodger.

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